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Amid Beautiful Landscapes - Chinese Poetry and Painting

Артикул: 31455
2110 руб
Yuan Lili
2011 (12)
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книга, CD-ROM
Название на китайском языке
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Категории: Книги для чтения

Amid Beautiful Landscapes - Chinese Poetry and Painting is a cultural reader introducing classical Chinese poetry and Chinese landscape painting. It is designed for learners of Chinese language at the elementary or intermediate level and foreigners who are interested in classical Chinese poetry and Chinese landscape painting. 
The book includes altogether 30 highly popular poems, each of which is illustrated with a Chinese landscape painting so that learners can understand paintings through reading poems and learn poems through appreciating paintings. Each poem is provided with Chinese pinyin and followed by notes of the focal and difficult words, a paraphrase of the poem and the explanation of a famous quote in the poem. To reduce the difficulty of learning, all the poems are annotated and explained in English without being further expanded so that the readers can learn the poems quickly. The book is accompanied by a CD recording of all the 30 ancient poems.


Yuan Lili is a famous artist of traditional Chinese painting who was born in 1956 and moved to Germany in 1992. She began to learn traditional Chinese painting at a very early age under family influence. Between 2000 and 2011, she has held personal exhibitions or taken part in other exhibitions for altogether eight times in Germany, China and Switzerland, such as Exhibition of Award-Winning Works of Color Painting in Central Academy of Fine Art and the 10th and 11th International Art Fair. She has won such awards as the Award of Excellence in the First Art Show of Chinese Heavy Color Paintings, the Silver Award in the First Creation Contest of Small Chinese Calligraphic and Painting Works and the Award of Excellence in the International Chinese Art Fair of Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting and Printing.

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