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An Advanced Course in Modern Chinese (Revised Edition) III

Артикул: 36191
1653 руб
Ma Shude
2013 (09)
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книга, МР3
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An Advanced Course in Modern Chinese is a National Planned Textbook for the “10th Five-Year” General Higher Education. This is its revised edition. 
This series of textbooks is developed by the teaching and research office of advanced Chinese in the Department of Chinese Language and Culture, College of Chinese Studies, BLCU. The authors are all experienced teachers and textbook writers. The texts in this book vary in themes and genres, including essays, satirical essays, stories, expository, practical and argumentative writings, and so on. The compilation of the book observes the principle of combining structure and function and meanwhile integrates the teaching of cultural factors. 
There are three volumes in the series, with 10 lessons in each. Each lesson consists of three parts: texts, language points, and exercises. Adjustments, additions and improvements have been made to the texts, the arrangement of the new words, the explanations of language points and the design of exercises, making the book better to use. 
This is Volume 3 of the book. The part of language points focuses on the comprehensive usage of Chinese, including two parts: Discourse Structural Explanations and Pragmatic Explanations. Discourse Structural Explanations emphasizes the inner structures of Chinese discourse, providing the basic ideas for the development of such language units as sentences, compound sentences, sentence groups, etc. The part of Pragmatic Explanations gives prominence to analyzing the factors influencing the actual language use and provides the pragmatic rules, not merely the grammar rules. 
An MP3 CD with text recordings is included in the book.

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