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Chinese Paradise vol. 3 - Cards of Words and Expressions

Артикул: 15202
2160 руб
Liu Fuhua, Wang Wei, Zhou Ruian, Li Dongmei
2005 (10)
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汉语乐园:学生用书3 - 词语卡片
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Chinese Paradise is a series of Chinese textbooks for children recommended by the Office of Chinese Language Council International.

It has three levels, each of which consists of:
     Two volumes of Student's Book (accompanied with a CD);
     Two volumes of Workbook (accompanied with a CD);
     A volume of cards of words and expressions;
     A volume of Teacher's Book;
     Four multimedia CD-ROMs (two for each volume)

Chinese Paradise helps students learn interactive sentence patterns, new words and Chinese characters. In addition, information about Chinese culture with illustrations annotated in the native language of students is provided. Furthermore, hands-on activities, songs, stories and different games are supplied also.

Each level consists of 6 units with 12 Lessons, and each lesson teaches one or two Chinese characters, about ten new words and a basic sentence pattern..

After completing learning of the three levels, students will be able to achieve the master of 50 Chinese characters and 300 new words,  speak simple sentences, recite some Chinese nursery  rhymes and poems, and sing some Chinese children's songs. They will also get to know some Chinese culture.

To Our Little Friends

Dear little friends,

Do you know there is a country called China far away in the East? China is not only an ancient country but also a modern one, where live pandas and golden monkeys. In China there are fifty-six nationalities living in harmony. And there are also many scenic spots and historical sites, such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. Besides, the famous fairy tale of the Handsome Monkey King, Sun Wukong, was created in China. If you want to know more about China, please come and join us to learn Chinese, an ancient and beautiful language!

The Chinese language is totally different from your language. The characters used to record the Chinese language are called Chinese characters, which are square-shaped in written form. There are also four tones in Chinese, giving the language full rhythm and cadence and it is very pleasing to the ear when spoken.

Chinese Paradise is a key from us for you to open the door to the Chinese language, leading you on a pleasant and exciting journey to interesting and enjoyable places in the world of Chinese. This series of textbooks not only presents to you brief introductions to the Chinese culture, descriptions of Chinese characters and short stories, but also includes popular children's songs, folk songs, handicrafts and games. We believe that you will enjoy your Chinese learning experience and soon be able to greet Chinese kids in Chinese and also write beautiful Chinese characters.

Now let's open Chinese Paradise and begin our journey of Chinese learning!

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