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Journey Through China (10 DVDs)

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The DVD Journey Through China has been adapted from a large-scale TV special cultural series bearing the same title. The program has been broadcast in North America via the SCOLA satellite television network, and Channel 2 of China Education Television (CETV-2). The series has been warmly received by audience at home and abroad.
Features of the DVD:
Select topics on Chinese culture interesting to foreigners;
On-the-spot reports as well as historical accounts presented by multimedia materials providing audience with an in-depth experience of some cultural phenomena and a better understanding of Chinese culture;
Hosted by foreigners who offer, from unique perspectives, their understanding of  the ideology and spirit of Chinese revealed in some cultural phenomena;
Narrations and interpretations of the same cultural phenomenon by specialists, people involved and ordinary spectators presenting views from multiple perspectives;
Narration is available in both Chinese and English with subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish or Thai.
DVD 1:
¨          Hutong
¨          Siheyuan
¨          Pailou
DVD 2:
¨          Chinese Wheaten Food
¨          Hotpot
¨          Chinese Tea
DVD 3:
¨          Traditional Chinese Medical Science
¨          Traditional Chinese Medicine
¨          Chinese Dragon
DVD 4:
¨          Chinese Furniture
¨          The Scholar’s Four Treasures
¨          Chinese Fans
DVD 5:
¨          Paper Cutting
¨          Dough Modeling
¨          Chinese Embroidery


DVD 6:
¨          Traditional Chinese Painting
¨          Dazu Stone Sculpture
¨          Wood Carving
DVD 7:
¨          Chinese Musical Instruments
¨          Beijing Opera
¨          Facial Makeup
DVD 8:
¨          Shadow Play
¨          Chinese Acrobatics
¨          Lion Dancing
DVD 9:
¨          Chinese Toys
¨          Kongzhu / Diabolo
¨          Autumn Insects
DVD 10:
¨          Qipao / Cheongsam
¨          The Spring Festival

One Day in a Primary School

Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of Open University of China
2012 (08)
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