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Very Good: Spoken Chinese for Beginners vol.2 - Textbook with Supplementary Booklet and 1CD

Артикул: 19682
1374 руб
Liu Songhao, Ma Xiuli, Song Haiyan, Zhan Chengfeng
2007 (11)
Кол-во страниц
книга, CD-ROM
Название на китайском языке
很好 - 初级汉语口语2(附CD和手册)
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This is Volume Two of Very Good: Spoken Chinese for Beginners series. In coherence with Volume One, this volume organizes the texts based on the school life with the four characters running through the whole book. Twelve topics such as offering suggestions, talking about recent plans, the city flower, the national flower, change, cross-culture communication (visiting a Chinese middle school), ordering dishes, transportation, holidays, weather, hope, etc., are provided in humorous language. The exercise emphasizes the practice of the four language skills, with particular focus on the students' oral skill development.

After completing finishing this volume, the students will achieve the mastery of 104 sentence patterns, 634 words and be able to conduct simple daily conversations in Chinese.


Liu Songhao started teaching in the International College for Chinese Language Studies in Peking University in 1989, and had taught Chinese in countries such as Fiji, US, etc. Starting from 1994, Liu was a lecture in the department and in 1999, he assistant professor. From Aug, 2005 to Jun, 2006, he was a visiting scholar at the grant of Fulbright Program at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His has participated in a lot of Chinese textbooks such as HSK Simulated Tests, Chinese Reading (Intermediate), Chinese Listening Course (Elementary), Essential Reading, New Chinese Listening (Intermediate), Chengo Chinese, etc, and has gained rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) and TCFL textbook compilation. The other authors are all experienced teachers of TCFL from Peking University.

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