345 Spoken Chinese Expressions TEXTBOOK 3 (with 1 MP3)
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345 Spoken Chinese Expressions TEXTBOOK 3 (with 1 MP3)

Артикул: 27762
1990 руб
Chen Xianchun
2010 (06)
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книга, CD-ROM
Название на китайском языке
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Печатная книга
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Изучение иностранных языков
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Категории: 345 Spoken Chinese Expressions
345 Spoken Chinese Expressions is a set of oral textbooks for beginners who are students of a short-term Chinese program or who learn Chinese during their spare time. 345 frequently used sentence patterns are the core of this set of textbooks, which cover the basic sentence patterns, grammar and vocabulary. This set of textbooks is divided into four volumes, each of which includes a textbook, a booklet of exercises and tests, and the accompanying MP3.
Practice, drills and proficiency are emphasized in it. Since you are learning spoken Chinese, you have to open your mouth and practice it over and over. Therefore, this book offers numerous opportunities for learners to speak Chinese, including situation drills of the sentence patterns, dialogues and texts.

The series consists of four books. There are sixteen lessons in each book with a review lesson after every four lessons. Each volume can be finished in four weeks with one lesson a day and five days a week. The whole series can be used by students who have 16~20 weeks to learn Chinese. This is the third volume of this series.


Chen Xianchun is a Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University. He has published many textbooks, such as An Intensive Chinese Course, Read This Way and Typical Characters and Events in Chinese Culture. These books are very popular among students.

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