Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Integrated Course
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Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Integrated Course

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Xu Jing
2013 (09)
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книга, МР3
Название на китайском языке
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The "Series of Specialized Chinese Textbooks for Foreigners Studying in China" is suitable for foreigners in China who major in Science & Engineering, Western Medicine, Economics & Trade, Chinese Medicine and relevant subjects and whose Chinese proficiency is at the elementary or intermediate level. It aims at training students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which are essential in their study of Science & Engineering, Western Medicine, Economics & Trade, Chinese Medicine and other subjects, teaching them the basic vocabulary, word-building rules, expressions and sentence patterns for the specific subject and paving their way to undergraduate studies.
This is a main course book of "Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine". It is composed of 6 chapters, namely "Fundamental Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Basic Diagnostics in Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Basic Knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicines", "Basic Knowledge of Acupuncture and Moxibustion", "Basic Knowledge of Health Preservation in Traditional Chinese Medicine" and "Comprehensive Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine", each of which has 5 lessons, totaling 30 lessons. All the lessons share the same structure, including such parts as "Learning objectives", "Review", "Warm-up", "Browse through the text and fill in the blanks", "Learn and do exercises on the new words", "Learn and do exercises on the TCM terms/sentence patterns/knowledge", "Learn the text", "Retell the text", "Classroom discussion", "Extended reading", "Traditional Chinese medicine in daily life" and "Summary". Suggestions regarding the duration of each section and the use of the book are provided at the very beginning of the book. 
The accompanying CD provides the recordings of all the texts and new words. It is suggested that students spend considerable amounts of time listening to and reading after them.


Ms. Xu Jing holds a master’s degree in education and a doctorate degree in medicine. In 2001, Ms. Xu entered into Beijing Language and Culture University to study TCFL testing and measurement after Prof. Xie Xiaoqing. In 2004, she began to work in the International School of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, where she has accumulated rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language through the teaching of Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Ms. Xu became a M.D. candidate in 2007, since when she has realized the interdisciplinary combination of TCFL and Chinese Medicine and has made continuous progress in the forefront of the exploration and study of teaching foreigners Chinese and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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