Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Listening and Speaking Course
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Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Listening and Speaking Course

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Jin Yilan
2017 (12)
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The “Series of Specialized Chinese Textbooks for Foreigners Studying in China – Chinese for Traditional Chinese Medicine” is suitable for foreigners who are in China studying traditional Chinese medicine and related subjects and whose Chinese proficiency reaches or approaches HSK level 4. The aim is to teach foreigners the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills needed in the studies of traditional Chinese medicine and related subjects and help smooth their way into college by teaching them the technical terms and expressions. The series is specifically designed for students supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship, including three books, respectively for the integrated course, the listening and speaking course, and the reading and writing course. As the three books interconnect with one another in TCM knowledge and language points, it is suggested that they be used together.

This is the book for the listening and speaking course, including a textbook and a book of listening script and reference answers. The new words, texts, and listening exercises are provided with audio recording.



Jin Yilan is the deputy dean of the International Education College of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM). In 2003, Ms. Jin went to Japan to study international education management in Nagoya City University. Ms. Jin has many years of working experience in foreign affairs, has undertaken several projects sponsored by PRC’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is in charge of SUTCM’s joint educational project between China and South Korea. Ms. Jin’s courses include advanced speaking, advanced Korean, and advanced spoken Chinese, etc.

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