Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom
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Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom

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Wang Yanfei, Wu Yingzi, Wang Li, Wang Meng
2020 (08)
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Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom focuses on common pedagogical grammar points and, to meet the requirements in the grammar part of the test syllabus of the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, emphasizes “communicative classroom activities”, providing nearly 120 communicative classroom activities for international Chinese teachers, which cover most of the elementary level grammar items and are compatible with the grammar part of most Chinese language textbooks. The grammar-oriented classroom activities come in a wide variety of types and simulate real communicative situations, providing students with plenty of opportunities to practice so that they may further understand the context for using specific grammar items in communication. Teachers may choose activities in the book according to the specific grammar points they are teaching. Each grammar point is provided with a simple explanation, a summary of expressions, and a group of example sentences; each activity is specified in terms of its name, goal, time, preparations, steps, and suggestions, among which the preparations are twofold: resource preparations (via the QR code on the back cover) and language preparations (pre-activity grammar practice). Teachers may also design their own classroom activities using this book as a reference. 


Wang Yanfei, Ph.D. in TCSOL and Notre Dame visiting scholar, is a veteran TCSOL teacher and researcher in South China Normal university with 16 years’ experience in the field. As a TCSOL researcher, Dr. Wang has nurtured a deep understanding of Chinese grammar, grammar errors, and grammar teaching. Wang is also a teacher trainer who has been to many countries to do Chinese language teacher training.


Wu Yingzi, Ph.D. in literature, is an associate professor and postgraduate supervisor in the College of International Culture, South China Normal University. Dr. Wu has been a CFL teacher for 15 years, whose courses come in different types and levels and are popular among students. Wu is particularly good at the design and organization of elementary Chinese grammar activities.


Wang Li, with a master’s degree in modern Chinese grammar and a bachelor’s in CFL, has been a CFL teacher in South China Normal University for 25 years, all the while teaching elementary level comprehensive Chinese course. Ms. Wang has been to Canada twice as the Chinese principal and a Chinese teacher in the Confucius Institute in Coquitlam. She has qualifications requisite for interviewers of the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and selectors of Hanban volunteer teachers.


Wang Meng, with a master’s degree in education from Flinders University (Australia), is a lecturer in the College of International Culture, South China Normal University, and a trainer of pre-service Chinese language teachers to be sent overseas. He has acquired the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. As a 10-year veteran in teaching CFL, Wang Meng is popular among students for his easy and humorous teaching style and his readiness to try new teaching methods or classroom activities. 


Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom, a book that will make Chinese grammar teaching more fun and Chinese grammar learning more effective! It is special in the following ways:

1.    About 120 carefully selected, diversified, and fun classroom activities centering around elementary Chinese grammar points;

2.    Not just games, but activities that simulate real communicative situations and enable students to “learn by doing”;

3.    Flexible activity arrangements which allow teachers to add anything they find suitable to any step in the process from grammar explanation to language practice and activity;

Supportive resources that can be accessed via the QR code on the back cover. 


For international Chinese teachers, candidates for the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, and MTCSOL students

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