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Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Writing Course II

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Cen Yuzhen
2012 (04)
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Developing Chinese (2nd Edition), a set of Higher Education Textbooks for the National 11th Five-Year Plan with a total of 28 volumes (or 34 books), endeavors for perfection based on the framework of its original edition and keeps pace with the times.

This set of teaching materials follows the mode used in foreign language teaching and textbook compilation, i.e., “integrating the development of comprehensive language abilities into the training of specific language skills”. It is divided into “three levels and five series”, i.e., vertically divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and horizontally divided into comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing series. Among them, the comprehensive series is the bulk and the others are the supportive series. The overall purpose is to develop and improve students’ Chinese language skills, Chinese communication skills, integrated Chinese capabilities as well as enhance their interest and ability in learning Chinese.

The Advanced Writing Course (II), following the Advanced Writing Course (I), is suitable for learners who have mastered the basic Chinese grammar structure, approximately 3500 Chinese words and those who are familiar with the common style of written language. It has altogether 12 lessons, each of which is taught in 2~4 class hours. The book is developed focusing on the hot issues closely related to students of the contemporary society. Through discussing and studying the model compositions, it teaches students to gradually master the key points in this lesson and improves their writing skills. At the same time, centering on the topics, steps like “Reading and practicing” and “Recommended exercises” are designed for students to make further practice and reinforce their writing practice. The model compositions are interesting, practical and easy to be imitated, with the exercises being step-by-step designed sticking to the key points in writing and the assignments being properly-arranged. Upon using this textbook, students will like writing in Chinese more and more. Each teaching procedure is clearly marked, thus making it highly convenient for teachers.


Cen Yuzhen, the Associate Professor of the School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Renmin University of China, graduated from Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University in 1983 and had engaged in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language since 1987. She took on one of the research projects of Hanban--the research and compilation of the dictionary of practical Chinese adverbs; and participated in another research project of Hanban, the compilation of Pedagogical Chinese Grammar Taught to Foreigners. She has written textbooks such as Developing Chinese—Advanced Chinese (I), Developing Chinese—Advanced Writing Course (I) and Developing Chinese —Advanced Writing Course (II) and published papers such as the Investigation and Analysis of the Meanings and Usages of轻易on Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies.

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