Read Newspapers, Learn Chinese: Advanced Chinese Newspaper Reading (Volume 2) (with 1 MP3 CD-ROM)
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Read Newspapers, Learn Chinese: Advanced Chinese Newspaper Reading (Volume 2) (with 1 MP3 CD-ROM)

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Peking University Press
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"Reading Newspapers, Learning Chinese: Advanced Chinese Newspaper Reading (Volume 2)" was compiled by Associate Professor Wu Chengnian, College of Chinese Culture, Beijing Normal University. Before the compilation of this textbook, a questionnaire was conducted on the level of interest in newspaper topics among 149 advanced-level international students, and the topics that students were more interested in were given priority in the textbook. The language materials of the textbooks are all selected from the articles of relatively new Chinese newspapers and websites. The topics consider not only timeliness, but also long-term and stability. This textbook is easy and difficult, and the language points are practical, so as to help students develop the ability to use newspaper words and sentences, distinguish and analyze synonyms, and understand the rules of word formation. "Reading Newspapers, Learning Chinese: Advanced Chinese Newspaper Reading (Volume 2)" also pays attention to the recurrence of new words (the average number of repetitions of each new word in Volume 2 and Volume 2 is 10.6 and 10.1 times respectively) and the control of the proportion of out-of-class words ( Common new words accounted for 75.04% and 83.56% of the total new words in the two compendiums, respectively, and only 24.96% and 16.44% were super-classified words), emphasizing the training of newspaper reading ability and newspaper discourse ability. The vocabulary list for each lesson has Chinese explanations and translations in English, Japanese and Korean, so that foreign students whose mother tongue is Japanese, Korean, and English can understand and learn new words more easily. This textbook is also equipped with an electronic version of the teacher's teaching reference book, which provides reference for teachers to organize teaching in a more standardized and reasonable way when using this textbook.

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