Guide to Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Revised Edition)
интернет-магазин пн-пт 10-19, сб-вс 12-18 (МСК); пункт самовывоза пн-пт 10-17, сб-вс выходные
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Guide to Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Revised Edition)

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Ni Mingliang
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Since the first publication in 1998, it has been warmly welcomed by HSK examinees and training classes. According to the HSK Guideline, and considering the development of Chinese society and the updating of corpus, more than 1/3 of the test questions in this revised edition have been replaced. Relevant information is updated according to the latest Examinees'  Manual. The book includes three simulated test papers. And there are 400 exercises for listening comprehension, more than 200 exercises for grammatical structures, about 400 exercises for reading comprehension, 200 exercises for comprehensive filling-in-blanks. Timing exercises for listening comprehension, grammatical structures, reading comprehension and comprehensive filling-in-blanks can be assembled into 15 simulated tests tape script, answer keys and analysis of some questions are provided at the back of the book. The book also provides a free multimedia CD-ROM, for individual examinees or class taking the simulated tests on the computer.

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