Happy Chinese (English Edition) 2nd Edition vol.1 - Student's Book
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Happy Chinese (English Edition) 2nd Edition vol.1 - Student's Book

Артикул: 78945
1300 руб 1920 руб
Li Xiaoqi, Luo Qingsong, Liu Xiaoyu, Wang Shuhong, Xuan Ya
People's Education Press
2014 (06)
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快乐汉语(英语版)第二版 第一册 学生用书
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Основной жанр книги
Изучение иностранных языков
Направления книг об изучении иностранных языков
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Chinese / English
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Since being published in 2003 by the People's Education Press, Kuaile Hanyu has been widely used by language students as well as by language instructors. In 2014, with the assistance of the Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters), People's Education Press has produced the second edition of the Kuaile Hanyu series to keep up with the changing times.

1. In accordance with updated requirements from the HSK Outline, Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Outline and the UK GCSE, the second edition of Kuaile Hanyu contains enriched content and increased vocabulary requirements. This new edition also has adopted "step-by-step" principles for the Chinese phonetic system and has improved the workbook by increasing the number and quality of exercises. After completing Kuaile Hanyu Book 3, students will be prepared to pass HSK Level 3.

2. The new edition adds a "Chinese Culture" section. This new section achieves a good balance by covering both the essences of traditional Chinese culture as well as the developments of contemporary China, while also taking into consideration the interests of young students. Students will not only understand the basics of Chinese culture, but will also acquire the ability to communicate across cultures.

3. The second edition sets "Learning Objectives" to help teachers and students grasp lesson content and key points more clearly. These learning objectives are designed to expand students’ knowledge, increase their motivation, and improve their ability to communicate in Chinese.

4. The new edition features an updated layout design and illustration style. Photos of realistic scenes have been added to keep the series modern and up-to-date while taking into consideration the interests of teenagers.

We sincerely hope that more young people will find Kuaile Hanyu an appealing textbook series and come to share in the joy and success of learning Chinese!

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