HSK Vocabulary Prep (Level 1-2)
интернет-магазин пн-пт 10-19, сб-вс 12-18 (МСК); пункт самовывоза пн-пт 11-16, сб-вс выходные
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HSK Vocabulary Prep (Level 1-2)

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Jin Xueli, Lou Xiurong, Tan Limei
2021 (04)
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It is suggested to use the book together with the HSK outline and the simulated test questions of the corresponding levels.

In order to help candidates successfully pass HSK and improve their proficiency in the use and proper expression of Chinese vocabulary, this book compiles a series of reference books called HSK Vocabulary Prep based on the HSK Outline newly issued by Confucius Institute Headquarters/ Hanban in 2015, in combination with all the new HSK questions that have been published so far, and referring to the reference books related to HSK vocabulary. The vocabulary in each book of this series is classified by word group, and the writing style is basically the same. It consists of pinyin, parts of speech, Chinese and English explanations, word expansion and collocation, stimulated examples, antonym or synonym discriminations, etc. It is suitable for students of HSK (whose first language is not Chinese) and also for teachers who are tutoring HSK. 


The compilation members of this series are all teachers who have always been teaching Chinese as a foreign language. They are all compilers of Simulated Tests of the New HSK and Thorough Analyses of New HSK who have a comprehensive understanding of HSK and rich experience and in-depth research on the corresponding level of the test.

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