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Learning Spoken Chinese by Rhythmic Chants - vol.1 with 1 CD

Артикул: 14618
2526 руб
Da Shiping
2005 (07)
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Категории: Eazy Chinese Textbook Series,

Rhythntic chants for learning spoken Chinese, the backbone of the EazyChin Textbooks for Learning Chinese. is intended for overseas teenagers to learn Chinese as a foreign language. There are altogether 8 volumes of textbooks. Each volume contains 6 units with several lessons in each unit. The most distinctive feature of this series is the rhyming texts, which allow students to read the texts aloud and memorize them easily. It was found that students are interested in reading aloud the rhyming texts, thus their enthusiasm about Chinese learning being increased. This book is accompanied with an audio-CD.

English Preface
Chinese Preface

Unit 1 HELLO (greeting)
Lesson 1 Greetings 1
Lesson 2 Greetings 2
Lesson 3 Review

Unit 2 WHO ARE YOU (introduce)
Lesson 1 What's your name?
Lesson 2 I am Tom.
Lesson 3 Which country are you from?
Lesson 4 Review

Unit 3 TODAY IS SUNDAY (number & week)
Lesson 1 Counting
Lesson 2 Weekdays
Lesson 3 Do you have a day off today?
Lesson 4 I dance; You play football.
Lesson 5 Review

Unit 4 GROWING UP (number & date)
Lesson 1 Date
Lesson 2 David is thirteen this year.
Lesson 3 Clap your hands 1
Lesson 4 Clap your hands 2
Lesson 5 Review

Unit 5 MY FAMILY (age)
Lesson 1 How many people are there in your family?
Lesson 2 Grandpa is 81 years old.
Lesson 3 Who is the oldest and who is the youngest?
Lesson 4 Who is older?
Lesson 5 Review

Unit 6 BIRTHDAY (animal year)
Lesson 1 How many people are there in your family?
Lesson 2 Grandpa is 81 years old.
Lesson 3 Sixty-six and ninety-nine
Lesson 4 A cat has four legs
Lesson 5 Review

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